TS Recruiter

Finally, an application developed specifically for professional recruiters. The application ties together the entire business model by creating a natural link between; customer, project, candidacy, candidate and finance.

Transparency across the business ensures an overview in a dynamic recruitment process with several stakeholders. By linking CRM data and invoice basis, you will be able to continuously monitor realized projects in relation to pipeline and budget.

Deliver the right experience to customers and candidates every time.

Modern Recruitment Software

CV Bank, Recruitment and CRM in One Integrated Solution

TS Recruiter differs from competing solutions by being developed with a particular focus on recruitment companies. The application has been developed in collaboration with professional recruiters, who over the years, have worked with several of the competing solutions, but without achieving full benefit. This is partly because the systems have been developed for HR departments and thus do not create the necessary coherence across the business.

Candidate Bank

TS Recruiter' CV Bank

The candidate bank in TS Recruitment Manager is characterized by a robust and scalable database structure, which can be adapted to the individual recruitment company as required. By introducing candidacy as a link between recruitment projects - positions and candidates - a much better match with the reality that prevails in the recruitment industry is achieved. One of the central advantages of TS Recruiter is the advanced free text search, returning "Google-like" search results based on not only record data but also all documents associated with a candidate.


The Recruitment Process

In TS Recruiter, the focal point is the customer, and recruitment projects will always be linked to a customer. When you create a new project, on a customer, fill in relevant details about the project and the process can begin. Depending on how you as a recruitment company are organized, you can choose to work in teams on the individual projects, so that everyone involved can act on the project in relation to the creation of advertisements, screening, interviews, evaluation of candidates, etc. However, as a rule of thumb a project will always be associated with a responsible consultant.

Core Features That Scale with Your Needs

Get Product Sheet

Take advantage of recruitment workflow automation, one-click publishing and Google-like free text search, that help your team identify and evaluate candidates, ensure consistent and timely communication and deliver on customer expectations.

Customize CRM Features to Reflect Your Needs

Strip down or expand the CRM Features to reflect your needs, making it easier for your team to meaningfully engage with your customers.

Monitor Project Progression at a Glance

Personalised dashboards makes it easy to prioritise work based on importance and allow you to monitor progression.

Easily Share Candidates with Your Team

Smart access rights management allows you to organize projects for indvidual consultants or teams.

Take Advantage of Advanced Free-text Search

Google-like free text search in candidate records and associated documents allows you to get full value out of your candidate base.

Everything in One Place Makes a World of Difference

No more searching in emails, or shared files to find a candidate application or a customer phone number. Everything resides securely in the cloud.

Real-Time Status Overview from Personalized Dashboard

Each team member has his/her own personalized dashboard that displays essential and actionable information.

Boost Productivity with Automated Actions

Customize Automated Actions to ensure consistent communication across projects and let the application take care of trivial manual tasks.

Every customer, every project, every candidate gets the time and attention it deserves. We have never had more success with our placement efforts! ...In addition, it was fun to take part in the development process.

Jesper Dahl Hede, Dahl & Kjærgaard

Storage of Consent

Obtain and store digital consent from candidates, which can be withdrawn at any time. Give candidates access to their own data. It strengthens data quality and facilitates maintenance to comply with the rules.

Auto-deletion Routines

Only store data on persons who have given consent to this and only for as long as the consent remains. Automatic deletion routines ensure ongoing housecleaning. Then you have less of a headache.

EU Hosting and Backup

All data and backups are stored encrypted in a redundant environment within the EU. We only host in data centers that meet all modern security standards and data protection requirements.

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