TS Comply

Give your Compliance Officer a real chance to achieve order and transparency across data and processes. Activate relevant resources in your organisation to make compliance achievable and manageable for the benefit of all.

The complexity of tracking data and processes across your organization, and manually documenting it all in Excel, makes the life of a Compliance Officer a nightmare. With leading experts in the field of personal data, we have developed a simple yet powerful application to help you turn chaos into order and transparency.

Turn compliance chaos into order and transparency.

Comprehensive Overview

Automated Records and Systems Mapping

With TS Comply, you can quickly and easily map relevant processing activities, systems and data to get a clear and comprehensive overview of all your company’s records. Select from the list of pre-defined records and systems in accordance with your reality and/or create your own, keeping in mind the relation between processing activity, system, data processor, data subject(s) and the data involved.

Record of Processing

Art. 30 Compliance

Regardless of whether you act as a data controller or data processor, or you simply want to see your mapping from a processing activity or IT systems perspective, you can easily get an overview to demonstrate compliance. Essentially, TS Comply is a relational model which means that you can review your record of processing from several perspectives to meet auditor requirements.

Core Features Making GDPR Compliance Much More Manageable

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All the GDPR Compliance features you need to comply with current regulations, establish the necessary overview of systems, processes and data across your organization, and understand the responsibilities of your data processors.

Generate custom and/or template-based records of processing

Easily register processing activities, systems and data processors with correct relational bindings. Create your own custom registrations or take advantage of templates for typical records.

Plan your GDPR related tasks over the course of the year

Plan every aspect of your GDPR compliance work and controls, essentially building a comprehensive calendar of automated tasks to prompt your action in accordance with task deadline.

Automated Compliance Task Management

The application automatically generate tasks relative to the records you create, making sure that task owners are prompt to handle operational routines in accordance with deadline.

Generate Data Processing Agreements

Let the application generate data processing agreements based on the data that you register in the system. Everything you update will be reflected, when you are ready to auto-generate a processing agreement.

Everything in One Place. Store All Documents in the Application

Take advantage of an application that makes it easy to keep an overview of your compliance work. With everything in one place, you can give auditors time-limited access to your record of processing.

Personalized Dashboard for Increased Efficiency

Each team member has his/her own personalized dashboard that displays delegated tasks, notifications and progression status relevant to the individual member. No more no less.

DPO Access Allows for Efficient Collaboration

Give your internal or external DPO access and privileges to create templates relevant to your organisational needs, allowing your team to work smarter and within the boundaries of their subject matter knowledge.

Perform Written Data Processor Supervision with Ease

Don't rely on various excel sheets with questions about data processing, without further relation to the data processor in question. Streamline the process of written supervisions.

Optimize Your GDPR Compliance Work

Get organized with a seamless application. Eliminate manual processes and work-arounds for greater overview and efficiency.

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Deliver a seamless experience to employees, even when multiple departments are involved.

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Take advantage of automation in every process to make sure that your teams are not burdened by trivial tasks.

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