No-code empowered digital transformation helps law firms and legal departments meet current and emerging challenges to respond appropriately to the needs and expectations of modern buyers.

Meet the expectations of modern buyers. Digitize labor-heavy processes, tailor secure SaaS applications extending services online, and dive into your data to emerge smarter than your competitors.

Embrace technology to counter disruption.

Exceed Expectations for Future Success

We serve the legal industry by digitizing services, and automating time-consuming manual processes, to help meet or exceed the growing demand for affordable legal services, without compromising on quality of service, security or compliance.

Digitize legal services to take the lead.

Legal Perspective

Respond to Buyer Expectations

Build immersive customer experiences to make it easy and affordable for your clients to feel connected to their lawyer, and allow them to follow and understand the progress of their case.

Boost Employee Productivity

Establish simple workflows and automate time-consuming manual processes to boost productivity. Keep everyone in the loop by centralizing information while managing strict access permissions.

Up Innovation and Cut Costs

Keep up with new and disruptive business models. Take advantage advanced no-code capabilities to speed up ideas to value, while reducing costs by consolidating systems on a single platform.

Client Portal

Exceed Client Expectations

Meet or indeed exceed client expectations by introducing great customer self-service experiences. Let clients follow the progress of their case. Call for input or documentation, allowing clients a closer connection to their lawyer.


Boost Employee Productivity

Automate trivial administrative tasks and make organizing documents the easiest part of the workday. Streamline workflows with regard to research and e-discovery, so your team can focus on doing their best work and deliver better outcomes.


Stay Secure & Compliant

Manage document and data accessibility. Implement ethical walls and measures to prevent risky behavior with best-in-class data loss prevention. Keep all of your sensitive data and documents safe from improper and unauthorized use. Let your team to work with confidence knowing that your data is accurate and secure.

Claims Processing

Seamless Collaboration

Relieved from tedious, administrative tasks, your team can focus on building stronger relationships with clients and colleagues alike. Deliver modern collaboration experiences that your clients have come to expect. Easily and securely share and review documents with clients or colleagues. Work together seamlessly on a single platform with real-time messaging and custom workflows.

TS No-code Platform

Build with Ease.
Deliver at Scale.

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Seamless service delivery

Deliver a seamless experience to employees, even when multiple departments are involved.

Workflow Icon
Workflows, working for you

Easily setup workflows that reflect the reality of your business model, regardless of complexity.

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Intelligent automation

Take advantage of automation in every process step to relieve your teams from trivial tasks.