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Production Management for DSB in Just a Few Weeks

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  • Production with many variants
  • Need for priority management
  • Insufficient overview
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  • Automated workflow
  • Need-based prioritization
  • Simple user interface
  • Ongoing status overview
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  • Effective production management
  • Automated workflows
  • Real-time documentation
  • Greater flexibility

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Jakob Normann
[email protected]

In much the same way, as our cars need maintenance, DSB's trains must also undergo regular inspection and service. The quality and safety requirements are towering, and therefore strict procedures with accurate documentation are necessary. This requires an application that supports a production environment with a great many variants, as is the case at the component workshop, where the trains' axles typically have to go through 15-17 processes.

This task was solved by Carve Consulting. In just a few weeks Carve built an operational system on TS No-code Platform.

For several years, DSB's component workshop had used a solution based on Excel and OneNote, but it fell short because different employees had different versions of the software. Also, OneNote could not handle the many subordinate processes and effectively document how far along a particular axle had progressed in the overall process. At the same time, DSB wanted to be able to prioritize the workflow based on the types of axles that are most needed across the organization.

Partner at Carve Consulting, Peter Rüsch Hansen was asked to help find a solution. It quickly became clear to him that the component workshop needed an easy-to-use application that could work with great precision in a busy work environment - and not a customized version of a standard software or an add-on for the existing ERP/production system. Therefore, he decided to develop an custom application using TS No-code Platform.

Workflow Optimization and Streamlined Documentation

“DSB called for a way to handle the processes of several different axle types through their workshop. It can be grinding, painting, sandblasting, etc. The application had to be quite simple because it was to be used in the busy workshop environment, and therefore we decided to build a system with only the necessary functions. Together with TS we described the flow, and within a few days we had built an application based on the workflows for the different types of axles from IC3, IC4, and MR respectively as well as other train models”, Peter Rüsch Hansen explains.

DSB also wanted to be able to use the system to prioritize tasks and comply with deadlines. To accomplish this, the average time of each process step was added to the system. Now the component workshop can plan and communicate more effectively with the rest of the organization about when axles are expected to be finished. In case there is a need for certain types of axles to be completed quickly, the system can help prioritize this workload.

New Production System in Just a Few Weeks

“We have made it as user-friendly as possible. Only the necessary functions are available. Essentially, they just have to declare completion and forward the axle to the next step in the process. The user interface is platform-independent, which means that employees can use both iPads and laptops to interact with the system, and they have quickly become accustomed to the new system”, says Peter Rüsch Hansen and continues:

“TS No-code Platform is optimal for tasks where activities must be managed in different process steps and with different properties. The flexible way of working with workflows, communication, and database enabled us to deliver a user-friendly solution to a complex problem in just a few weeks.”

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Case Study


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