Small Business

Let employees work and collaborate where they want and how they want. No-code empowered digital transformation helps SMB’s digitize their entire business model, improving visibility, productivity and overall business performance.

Increase business performance by taking advantage of digital transformation and increase the value of your business, also in the eyes of potential investors. Dive into your data and emerge smarter than your competitors.

Digitize your entire business model.

Digitize Your Business to Take the Lead

We serve the SMB market by digitizing internal and external processes, automating time-consuming manual processes, to help meet or exceed the demand for seamlessly integrated services, without compromising on quality of service, security or compliance.

Do more with what you have. Much more.

Small Business Perspective

Boost Collaboration and Team Efficiency

Digitizing operations enables SMBs to streamline processes, eliminate manual tasks, and improve collaboration. Automation of routines, such as data entry, invoicing, and inventory management, allows employees to focus on more valuable activities.

Improve Access while Cutting Costs

Traditional business processes often come with significant overhead costs. By digitizing operations, SMBs can substantially reduce costs. Cloud-based applications, for example, improve accessibility while lowering license and maintenance costs.

Improve the Customer Experience

Customers have come to expect seamless interactions, SMBs can gain a competitive edge by digitizing customer-facing processes, capture data in a custom CRM, that automatically initiates the delivery workflow, and pass on data to the ERP.

Amplify Innovation Power

Amplify Innovation Power

Take advantage of the creative thinkers in your organization and empower them in the creation of applications and workflows supporting your business goals, and introduce great customer self-service experiences.

Adapt to Paperless

Adapt to Paperless Ways of Working

A lot of SMB’s still struggle with manual processes and business critical data in Excel. Make working with your customers, your partners and your team easier. Offer a digital experience that engages everyone around your mission.

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Utilize your Data to Improve Services

Get real-time insights into your data to support your decision-making process, allowing you to react quickly and confidently to changes and new opportunities. And make use of customer insights to improve your services.

Measure up With Competitors

Measure up With Competitors

Enable your team to do more with less - much more. Make information and resources readily available, so you can go to work where ever you are and let your team focus on building stronger relationships with your customers.

TS No-code Platform

Digitize your Entire Business Model.

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Seamless service delivery

Deliver a seamless experience to employees, even when multiple departments are involved.

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Workflows, working for you

Easily setup workflows that reflect the reality of your business model, regardless of complexity.

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Intelligent automation

Take advantage of automation in every process to unburden your teams from trivial manual tasks.