TS Relations

Build stronger and deeper connections with prospects and customers alike with a custom CRM that mimics your business’ reality and scale with your needs.

Strengthen customer insights and relations across all touch points and boost sales performance, with a custom CRM system tailored to your business requirements.

Deliver the right experience to customers anywhere.

Core Features and Capabilities That Scale with Your Needs

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Take advantage of customer relations workflows that help your team deliver on expectations, track prospect engagement and increase customer satisfaction.

Customize your sales funnel to reflect your reality

Most CRM systems are one-trick ponies when it comes to funnel management. This is useless in a lot of businesses scenarios.

Monitor opportunity progress to prioritize with ease

Personalised and clearly visible opportunity progress makes it easy for your sales people to prioritise their work based on importance.

Easily share leads with your team and trusted partners

Smart access rights management allows your team to share leads and opportunities with your trusted partners.

Track customer engagement through priority channels

Account contact tracking gives your team a deeper understanding of customer engagement on website etc.

Everything in one place. Store all documents on the account

No more fumbling about to find the latest statement of work or agreement. Everything resides on the account.

Instant status overview from personalized dashboard

Each team member has his/her own personalized dashboard that displays essential and actionable information.

Setup automated actions based on customer engagement

Automated actions allow your team to work smarter by letting the application take care of trivial, manual tasks.

Optimize Sales Performance

Customize your sales funnel to reflect your reality and optimize sales performance.

TS No-code Platform

Build with ease.
Deliver at scale.

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Seamless service delivery

Deliver a seamless experience to employees, even when multiple departments are involved.

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Workflows, working for you

Easily setup workflows that reflect the reality of your business model, regardless of complexity.

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Intelligent automation

Take advantage of automation in every process to make sure that your teams are not burdened by trivial tasks.

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