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Automated Case Management in the Service Sector

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  • Administrative burden
  • Managing sensitive data
  • Support growth rate
  • Secure and efficient communication
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  • Automated case management
  • Everything stored in one place
  • Secure data processing
  • Transverse overview
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  • Safe and secure processing
  • Efficient and secure communication
  • Automated workflows
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Happy employees

The company Leute collaborates with municipalities all over the country to offer relief for families with children having special needs such as autism, ADHD and mental retardation. This is done through a large network of employees who work pedagogically with the children through various activities.

In the spring of 2018, managing cases, employees and communication with the municipalities had become a major administrative burden for the growth company Leute. At the same time, the deadline for GDPR was approaching. It became clear that there was a need to reduce the administrative workload in case processing and strengthen IT security to support the company's rapid growth.

Data on children exchanged between a private vendor and the authorities are sensitive. Therefore data must be encrypted and processed in a way that ensures a full overview of who has the right to process the data, where and how data is stored.

Case Management - Everything in One Place

Leute's initial research in the software market concluded that Leute was too small a company to realistically hope for developing a system for their particular needs. Then Leute got in touch with TS, who, suggested a solution that includes all aspects of the case management built on TS-No-code Platform.

“We now have a system that automates all elements of a case. When we create a case, there are data about the child, the various parties involved, our employees, the municipality, the parents, and other fields that describe the child's special needs. Before this information was stored in various systems, such as our CRM system, our HR system, and email clients. The vision for the TS solution was to consolidate everything one place,” says Marie Have, co-founder and communications manager at Leute.

Automated Workflows

The advantage is that the application provides a great overview. It is easy to perform permission-based searches in cases and documents, and the system offers many new opportunities. For example, communication with the municipalities can be streamlined. The individual case handler at the municipality can access the application and add information to cases he or she is involved in. This simplifies the workflow, reduces errors, and saves a lot of time on both sides of the table. Also, e-mails can be sent directly from the application, attaching them to individual cases. This means that all communication about a given case is stored in one place. All e-mails are end-to-end encrypted and thus meet the GDPR requirements the stricter practice that entered into force on  1 January 2019.

"We continue to extend the application, add new workflows and transfer data from the old systems, but we can already do most of our work in the application. For instance, we have automated the process regarding the renewal of criminal records. In this case, the system automates an e-mail notification to the employee when the deadline is approaching. Employees respond by uploading the new certificates directly to the system, without us having to do anything”, says Marie Have.

TS Solves HR Challenge

Another thing that Leute has included in the new application is the directory of employees. Here, a challenge has been to keep it updated because many of the affiliated employees work for only a limited period of time or send unsolicited applications.

“We have a large employee directory, but the challenge has been that we don’t always know if the candidates are active. It may be that they have taken another job or have become pregnant and have failed to notify us of their changed status. In the new system, we can automatically generate an e-mail to request a status update. If they are no longer active, they will be deleted from the directory”, says Marie Have.

A Business Model Upgrade

“Each of our cases involves confidential information and therefore it has been a relief to consolidate data in one place. It has been an upgrade of our entire business model. For example, we need to be able to share cases between us and exchange tasks. Before this was difficult since some information resided in e-mails, others in our CRM and yet other data was stored on a phone. “In the TS Application, everything related to a case is kept neatly in one place," says Marie Have, and emphasizes the user-friendliness and flexibility of the application.

“We have even been able to make changes to the system ourselves when we come across something that can be done smarter. Up until now, we have not needed external resources to help us make such changes and the plan is to train some of our staff to be able to update the solution ourselves - add fields, change field names, update links, and so on," says Marie Have.

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