A Platform Built for Full-Stack Functionality

TS No-code Platform gives you and your team the power to build full featured applications that perform at any scale. With logical expressions and workflows, you can build and deploy applications quickly and efficiently without writing a single line of plumbing code.

Logic & Workflows

Build Better User Experiences with Ease

Create custom actions and workflows, from onboarding to invoicing flows. Generate template-based contracts, reports and other documents based on user input and automate the signing process with DocuSign or MitID to establish a fully digital onboarding process.


Automate Key Functions

Establish workflows that trigger value updates, calculations, email notifications, auto-generation of documents or analytics. Trigger behaviour can be set to certain times or intervals, response to database changes or user actions. Automatically notify relevant stakeholders, keeping everyone on the same page.


Integrate with Real-time Data

Use real-time data from the built-in database, external sources, or custom code units to generate tasks and documents, update internal and external values and views and bring dashboards to life, for a more immersive user experience.


Industry Leaders Place Their Trust in the TS Tech Stack

Since we started using TS No-code Platform, we have been amazed time and time again that we never hit a wall to high to scale. With its powerful workflow engine and easy to use automated actions, so fare we have been able to accomplish everything we could imagine. The platform documentation leaves something to be desired, but we trust that it'll be improved.

Martin Steenkær Iversen, Movia

Features That Give You the Control You Need and the Freedom You Want.

Bring your applications to life with relevant integrations.

Integrate External Software

Connect with third-party plugins and software like DocuSign, MitID, Google, OpenAI, and more.

Auto-generate Invoice Drafts

Automatically generate invoice drafts based on data in your application and post invoice drafts to your ERP (e.g. e-conomic).

Create Custom Actions

Leverage pre-built, easy-to-use actions or create your own based on events, status changes, time and/or data ownership.

Turn Your Application into an API

Turn your application into a web service with a single click. Call into your own app and turn it into an API for other software services.

Conditional Expressions

Use simple conditional expressions (like if […] then [….] that) to determine when particular elements of you application appear and are actionable for the user.

Control the Order of Operations

Simple bracket mark up makes it easy to review and understand the order of operations, when creating complex expressions.