Leverage the Most Secure No-code Development Platform

Protect your users and sensitive data. Increase security, privacy, and compliance across the organization with comprehensive security policies and privacy controls, hosted reliably in the EU.


Enhance Security

Use encryption to protect sensitive and business-critical data in transit and at rest, and protect your users and applications with built-in multi-factor authentication.


Protect Data Integrity

Abide by modern privacy laws by identifying, classifying and anonymizing specific data in your applications and workflows, and use role-based access control to ensure relevant data minimization.


Enforce Privileges

Create policies to define the level of user access based on network, location, authentication method, and specific identity provider attributes.

Activity Log


Activate Logging

Get full visibility into usage, performance and security by turning on; activity, access and revision logging in your applications.


Industry Leaders Take Advantage of Advanced Security

When you are engaged with building applications to support healthcare professionals in one of the most digitized countries in the world, privacy by design and protection against modern threats become paramount. With TS No-code Platform we can protect our users and our data, and host it all reliably in the cloud within the EU.

Christian Bonde, CEO, Photologic

Security Features that Scale with Your Needs

Take advantage of policy-based security features to establish the level of protection that fit your purpose, regulatory requirements and the character of your data.

Owasp Icon
OWASP Level 2

Build applications safe in the notion that they live up to commercially-workable open standard security verification.

Version Control Icon
Data and file versioning

Easily activate data and file versioning, to generate full logs throughout the lifecycle of structured data, files and documents.

Encryption Icon
Platform Encryption

Turn on platform encryption to protect your data in transit using TLS and at rest through LUKS AES-256 encryption.

Data Anonymisation Icon
Anonymisation of Data

Analyze and classify your data based on information security principles and anonymise according to modern standards.

Activity Logging Icon
Activity Logging

Turn on policy-based activity logging to record any and all user activity in an application. Export log files for documentation purposes.

Field Level Access Icon
Field Level Access Control

Control access to data and/or files within an application by adding field and document level security permissions to specific roles.

Status Action Control Icon
Status Access Control

Control access to records (data and/or files) within an application depending on the current status. Applies to any user action.