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WTW Saves Time and Ensures Accuracy with Mobile Inspection

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  • Manual workflows
  • Multiple data sources
  • Poor reporting
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  • Data collection on iPad
  • Central task management
  • Auto-generated reports
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  • 150% Productivity increase
  • Better quality
  • Happy employees

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Jakob Normann
[email protected]

WTW (Willis Towers Watson) is an esteemed consultancy specialized in risk management. The company provides advisory services and documentation for optimizing insurance. This is done through the systematic collection of data on physical conditions among policyholders. The data collection takes place on a TS Application that automatically generates reports, that are subsequently used to calculate correct insurance policies.

Inspection of Municipal Buildings

For years now, WTW has been using TS No-code Platform to build industry leading software applications to collect and systematize data about its customers. For instance, WTW has a department that handles municipal customers. One of its tasks is to inspect buildings and check fire equipment. For this purpose, WTW, in collaboration with TS, has built a Mobile Inspection and Reporting tool. Using an iPad, WTW consultants collect all data and photo documentation during the inspections. The information is automatically processed by the application, and a score (scale 1 – 5) is calculated as an expression of how well prepared the customer is in case of a fire. This is valuable knowledge when WTW advises the municipalities on how to optimize their insurance.

Good Overview. Greater Precision.

“It is an eminent tool that gives a good overview. Our use of TS No-code Platform has helped us develop our business, not least because it is so versatile. We can “turn” applications wherever we want, which is a great advantage when new demands are made from the authorities and insurance companies - and this happens all the time. Our consultants must report somewhere between 35 and 50 different parameters. Before this was done on paper and subsequently all data had to be entered into a computer. Fortunately, that’s over now, and this of course saves time and ensures greater accuracy and data quality,” says Martin Schou Rasmussen, Technical Consultant at WTW. He also emphasizes that he can adjust applications himself as needed.

Ease of Use Offers Freedom

TS Applications are so easy to use that WTW in many cases ask customers to report directly themselves. This is the case, for example, at “free- and boarding schools”. The school receives a questionnaire. This is filled in by those responsible at the school, and the reported data is used to determine whether or not the school is eligible for joining attractive insurance pools.
"Our customers consider TS Applications a strong suit, because we are able to provide accurate reports that offer a complete overview. Another advantage, is that they make it is easy to share information among different types of users. And last but not least, TS Applications handle a great many simultaneous users without affecting performance,” says Martin Schou Rasmussen.

Computing Power behind the Words

Perhaps the biggest plus however, is that TS No-code Platform, makes calculations based on the collected data. This is done through specialized formulas used in the insurance industry as best practices. For example, a value for EML, Estimated Maximum Loss, is automatically calculated, which is an expression of what a fire in a given building will cost. That value makes it easy to calculate an exact price on an insurance policy.

"There are other systems that can do something similar for the insurance industry, but TS No-code Platform offers a greater degree of automation, which saves us a lot of time. We get more accurate and well-prepared reports in less time, giving us a competitive advantage, ”says Bo Qvist Jørgensen, Team & Practice Leader at WTW.

We have come a long way, but continue to identify new opportunities for streamlining the business. "There is always a need for smarter ways of doing things, and we are constantly looking at how we can optimize our processes. One of our challenges is that we have made the strategic decision to be a knowledge-house that can add greater value to our customers and not just standard reports. This entails some costs, which have the direct consequence that in the long run, we must be ahead of the competitors on digitalization. And in that process TS No-code Platform is an important element,” explains Bo Qvist Jørgensen.


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