Discover How We Democratize Digitalization

At TS, we work purposefully to democratize digitalisation. By making advanced no-code technology available to small and medium-sized businesses, we enable them to create intuitive user experiences that simplify both internal and external processes, thereby accelerating business performance and profitability.

No-code Specialists

Software Development at the Speed of Business

At TS, we are specialists in no-code software development and provider of TS No-code Platform. We solve both large and small development tasks, and often within highly specialized or regulated areas. Therefore, you can confidently contact us regardless of whether you need to develop a complex business-critical application, or something simpler such as an Idea bank, where employees can report ideas for improvements, new products, services, etc.

We are of the belief that small and medium-sized companies need to think about digital transformation in order to survive, and of course deserve the same digitization opportunities as the world's largest companies. For a long time, low- and no-code technology has been the preserve of the Fortune 500. This is reflected in implementation costs, license pricing, functionality limitations and the training requirements characterising the market-leading platforms. However, several of the less widespread platforms, including the TS No-code Platform, have reached a level of maturity that means that we can cover the vast majority of development and integration needs, that companies face today.


Skilled Partners. Better Projects.

TS collaborates with a number of Partners – companies that have strong industry and/or subject-specific competences, and utilize this knowledge in their skilled advice of both public and private companies.

We endeavor to, as far as possible, do business through our partners. This creates the best conditions for developing relevant, intuitive user experiences and customized business applications. Having said that, the customer always plays a central role in the development process.

In certain cases, however, we also work directly with the customer. For example, in connection with SaaS projects, where the customer has specialized domain knowledge and wants to digitize their services in order to offer these to a larger number of internal or external customers.


Future-proof Applications

If you let TS and/or one of our partners develop the software your organization needs, you are guaranteed a professional solution that meets your current needs. At the same time, you are guaranteed an application that can be quickly and easily changed or expanded as the company grows and/or your needs change.

It could be that the customers make new commercial requirements that you want to meet, or that you are met with new compliance requirements that the application must be able to support. In such cases, it is good to know that you can react quickly. We call it software development at the speed of business.

No-code Developer

No-code Specialists

As specialists in no-code development, TS is positioned to help you reach your goals with even the most ambitious development projects.


Project facilitation

Skilled partners can help you scope and facilitate future-proof software development projects.


Intuitive services

Quite a few companies are sitting on a golden vein of knowledge, which can be advantageously exhibited as a service.

When I founded TS in 2015, my vision was to develop a platform that makes developing software quick and easy. I had never imagined that no-code workflows would come to play such a central role. Today, our biggest competitors are talking about a digital workflow revolution. At TS, we work purposefully to democratize digitalization.

Kasper Pedersen, Founder and CEO

Financial Support for Digitalization

We are not affiliated with SME:Digital, since we as a platform provider, cannot be regarded as an impartial advisers. We do however, have a lot of experience in increasing the level of digitization in small and medium-sized companies and pay tribute to the initiative. SME:Digital, continuously opens investment pools, allowing Danish companies to apply for grants for; consulting services, investment in IT and technology, or for the development of digital skills.