TS No-code Platform

Meet Europe's technology leading no-code development platform, empowering even non-technical users in the creation of advanced custom applications and workflows at the speed of business.


Build Secure Web Applications

TS No-code Platform is a robust component-based development platform, that allows you to digitize and automate business processes at the speed of business. By breaking down processes and administrative procedures into logical steps and connect these to relevant data sources, even complex processes can be digitized in a matter of days or hours even.


Intelligent Automation

The intelligent Workflow Engine in TS No-code Platform brings advanced process automation and ML close to the business.

Smart workflows that automatically routes projects and tasks through relevant functional areas in the organization based on time, status, rights and/or other parameters are easy to setup. This enables you to avoid repetition, reduce manual processes and work more efficiently.


Data Integrity at Any Scale

TS No-code Platform comes with a rock-solid Data Engine, that effortlessly handles input, validation, visualization, search and export of impressive data volumes. The platform scales in line with other large enterprise platforms and has built-in statistics module, file and document management.


Security and Integration

In addition to the highly elastic yet robust Data Engine, TS No-code Platform excels in data security. The Security Layer delivers fine-grained security on attribute level and/or as a function of time or data ownership. The platform has built-in multi-factor authentication, but it also integrates with MitID and other 3rd party products, handling seamless data sharing with other systems.


Modern User Experience

Applications built on the TS No-code Platform are fully responsive and deliver an intuitive user experience on any device. Deeply integrated business logic and advanced analytic functions enable the individual user to create a nuanced overview, perform analisys, and follow performance across data sources and processes.

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