Database Control at Your Fingertips

Bypass the challenges of building a database from scratch. TS No-code Platform does all the heavy lifting for you. As you build the entities of your application, a fully normalised database is automatically created for you.

Data Type Components

No-Code. No Fuss. Full Control

Point-select from more that 170 pre-built Data Type Components, covering even the most advanced use cases and needs, or create custom code-units to extend functionality at any scale.

Data Management

Get a Head Start

Harness out-of-the-box data management capabilities, user roles and policy-based permissions for each role or user account. Manage all your records, documents and more with TS No-code Platform's powerfull and automatic database controls.


Data at Every Scale

TS No-code Platform is designed for performance. To put this in perspective, the full stack can run on a Raspberry Pi. Support your growing user base. Import bulk data, or create new records and perform advanced searches in large data volumes quickly and easily.


Integrate with Any Service

Leverage API connections to securely send and receive data from external services, including core Danish infrastructure like, MitID, E-boks and Star, and other popular services like DocuSign, OpenAI, and more.


Industry Leaders Place Their Trust in TS No-Code Platform

We have build more that 100 applications servicing our advisors, our backoffice and our customers over the years. Sure there are other systems out there that can do something similar for the insurance industry, but TS No-code Platform offers a greater degree of automation, which saves us a lot of time. We get more accurate and well-prepared reports in less time, giving us a competitive advantage.

Bo Quist Jørgensen, Team & Practice Leader at WTW

Secure, Scalable, Extensible. Build with Ease.

Balance data and security for all your applications at any scale.

Secure Access to your Data

Easily set up privacy-rules to restrict access to authorized users. Make policies apply to individual roles or user groups.

Host Files and Images

TS No-code Platform comes with built-in tools to manage upload of files and images in all popular formats.

Handle Bulk Data

Easily build application workflows that allows users to create, update, and delete records in large volumes.

Make your App an Endpoint

Make your application available as a Web Service, with a single click, for advanced data sharing.

Store Data Temporarily

Use custom states to bypass the database and store information for just a short time when needed.